PS Vita Data Pricing Is Slightly Better Than We Thought

The 3G data pricing for the PS Vita was revealed as expected a few weeks ago at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and matched up with pretty much every data plan out there already. A 250 MB cap cost $15 a month and a 2 GB cap cost $25 a month. AT&T has clarified a different plan, and it’s actually a better deal.

The 250 MB cap remains, but in place of the 2 GB plan, there’s instead a 3 GB cap for $29.99. That means you get about 12 times the data for double the price. You don’t need to be a math major to know that’s a pretty solid deal.

Although, keep in mind that really doesn’t help the fact that you can’t download files from PlayStation Network through 3G connections. Which means single player focused gamers like me can spring for the cheaper model without feeling like we’re missing out. Wi-fi only for me, please.

What say you, gamers? Which model are you getting?

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