New The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Video Recaps Events Ahead Of Season Finale


It feels like it was just yesterday that Telltale Games proudly announced the continuation of its award-winning zombie series based on Robert Kirkman’s bleak The Walking Dead graphic novel, but boy, does time fly. Next week marks the release of Season Three’s – otherwise known as A New Frontier – fifth and final episode, but before fans sink their chompers into that, Telltale’s seen fit to provide a handy recap that summarizes all of the gripping choices players have had to make thus far.

The short but sweet video, which you can see watch for yourselves above, revisits the most heart-pounding moments of A New Frontier, with various members of Telltale on hand to stress just how important it is for them to give players the freedom to chose how their own version of Javier would react in those situations where a scripted result just doesn’t quite cut it.

The entirety of Telltale’s post-apocalyptic series has always featured strong recurring themes of family – like the adoptive bond between Clementine and Lee in Season One, for example – but A New Frontier places more emphasis than ever on its importance, its conclusion likely to, just as its predecessors did before it, force players into a morally grey corner where no course of action could be considered as being the ‘right’ option.

Fans will find out exactly what awaits at the season’s end on May 30 with the release of Episode 5, From the Gallows, which sounds suitably foreboding, does it not?

Be sure to check back next week for our review of the finale or, in the meantime, see here for our take on the previous four episodes.