The Walking Dead And Masters Of The Universe DLC Comes To #IDARB Alongside New Update


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It may have taken close to a year, but Other Ocean Interactive has finally dropped the first major patch for #IDARB. That isn’t all, though, as DLC based around fan favorite properties The Walking Dead, Invincible and Masters of the Universe were launched alongside the update.

I know you may be thinking that a year is a heck of a long time to wait for a single update, but to be fair, this one is pretty sizeable. The major features coming to #IDARB with the patch include two new levels (Team Breakfast and Mustache Cops Versus Cthulhu In Space), three new halftime games (Hoppy Street, Photon Bikes, Boom Chamber) and a mode that lets you play just the halftime games.

As to be expected, the update also comes with a smattering of bug fixes and minor upgrades. You can find the whole list on the official site for the title, but some of these minor fixes include improved matchmaking, tracking of halftime victories, new voice overs and the ability to now use AI teammates in local matches.

While the mammoth update is nice to see, I imagine the bigger news for most #IDARB fans would be the release of DLC packs for the addictive title. Centered around He-Man: Masters of the Universe and The Walking Dead/Invincible, each of the packs comes with new arenas, halftime games, characters and Hashbombs. Considering most gamers got their hands on the title through Games with Gold, I’m surprised it took this long for DLC to be released for the game. At only $2.99 a pack, though, it seems like a pretty solid deal to me.

Any interest in picking up #IDARB again now that the new patch and DLC are available? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: IDARB

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