New Walking Dead Game Quietly Released On PS4 This Week

The Walking Dead

Skydance Interactive’s often overlooked addition to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead universe has been quietly released on a new platform.

A port of the original Steam version (compatible with Oculus) for PlayStation VR, Saints & Sinners debuted to almost universal critical praise earlier this year, though failed to make headlines due to the continued niche nature of virtual reality technology. For fans of the post-apocalyptic franchise still hungry for more adventures in Kirkman’s universe following the comic series’ conclusion (as well as the TV adaptation’s continued hiatus) though, Saints & Sinners is undoubtedly a worthy substitute.

Set in New Orleans, players will need to “fight, sneak, scavenge, and survive” in a city that’s not only populated by the undead horde but hostile factions eager to rid your person of any weapons and supplies, and not through mutual trade.

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

Similarly to Telltale’s beloved story-driven spinoff, Skydance says every choice you make in its unforgiving and inhospitable world will have consequences, assuming you even survive to see the credits.

Weapons, food and tools must all be scavenged from abandoned buildings and camps in The Big Easy, with players able to craft their own makeshift gear (melee weapons, guns, healing items, etc.) out of any scraps they’re fortunate enough to stumble upon. With ammo scarce as it is, however, the best course of action will often be to keep a low profile, with proper awareness of audio cues signalling danger tantamount to ensuring your cover isn’t blown.

If The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners sounds like your ideal form of entertainment, you can head straight to the download page over on PlayStation Store by hitting the link below. Enjoy!