The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 4 Gets Dates And Trailer


Now that The Wolf Among Us has wrapped up and Tales from the Borderlands is still without a precise release date, fans of Telltale Games have even more of a reason to look forward to the remaining two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season Two. Thankfully, the company seems to be aware of this, as it was just announced that the fourth and penultimate episode, Amid the Ruins, will be available for download next week.

The releases will start on June 22, with the PC, Mac, and North American PlayStation 3 and Vita versions becoming available, followed by the Xbox 360 and European PS4 and Vita versions on June 23, and finally the iOS version on June 24.

As with every Telltale episode, a promotional trailer has been put online to coincide with this announcement. It probably goes without saying that it’s not the best idea to watch the video if you haven’t played through the first three episodes of the game already. After watching it myself, I’m intrigued to see where this episode goes, especially the heavy hinting at conflict among Clementine’s group of survivors.

We will keep you updated on The Walking Dead: Season Two as more news drops, and will have a review for Amid the Ruins shortly after its release next week, so stay tuned.