New Walkthrough Trailer For Starbreeze’s Brothers – A Tale Of Two Sons

Last September, Starbreeze (the developer behind Syndicate) revealed that their next project, titled Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, would be released sometime this Spring on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC (via Steam). At the time of the announcement, we didn’t get much information about the upcoming game, and it sort of fell off the radar over the following months. With Spring 2013 currently bearing down on us, 505 Games has released a new walkthrough trailer that finally lays out exactly what this unique title is all about.

Directed by Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons centers around an “epic fairy tale journey” of two brothers who are desperately searching for the “Water of Life” to cure their ailing father.

The title has a clear co-op focus (with the two brothers having to work together to solve puzzles), however, the actual gameplay is single-player only. Players will control both the older and younger brother at the same time, using a single controller. The movement of each character is tied to one of the analog sticks and a single action button (the left and right triggers) is used to interact with the environment.

Players will need to use both of the brothers simultaneously to progress past obstacles — for example, at one point the older and younger brother will take turns distracting an angry dog so that the other can move to the next safe spot — and each has their own unique interactions with NPCs based on their different personalities.

The gameplay in Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons certainly looks interesting, but I’d be willing to bet that its control scheme is going to take some time to get used to. Having the brothers move together is probably not too difficult, however, I can see things getting a little confusing once they are split up and performing separate tasks.

Check out the walkthough trailer and new screenshots for Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons down below, and let us know your opinion in the comments.

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