Want To Demo PlayStation VR This Summer? Here’s How


Given how new and expensive VR tech is, it’s likely that you find yourself on the fence, unsure of which company to give your money to, or whether to do so at all. That’s tough to blame given the situation, which is why Sony has decided to let its fans demo its upcoming PlayStation VR headset months before it’s officially released.

If you find yourself wanting to go hands-on with one of the next big things in gaming, then what you’ll need to do is head over to Experience PlayStation VR’s website, type in your postal code and set the amount of miles you’re willing to travel. By doing so, you’ll be able to discover where (and when) said demos will occur, provided that you’re located in North America.

The games made available for demonstration will include Ocean Descent, EVE Valkyrie and Battlezone. However, while those are the only titles on the list, there’s hint of more, meaning that it’s very possible that games like Until Dawn and Playroom will also be playable. Those are the only two that I’ve played myself, and I found each one to be impressive in different ways.

Going further, Sony is also hoping that you’ll share your opinions, by taking to social media and using the hashtags #ITriedPSVR and #JaiJouéPSVR. That way, it can easily gauge consumer feedback.

PlayStation VR will be released to the public on October 13th, though if you’re hoping to get a launch unit it may end up being tough. Waves of pre-orders have already occurred, and they apparently all sold out in mere minutes.