New Warframe Update Now Available


If you’ve been enjoying Warframe on your PlayStation 4 lately, you’re about to have a lot more to enjoy as update 11 is now available. Just like the game itself, the update is free, and it includes quite a bit of new content.

For one, there’s a new Warframe called Valkyr, who seems a little like a cross between Spider-Man and Wolverine. There’s also a new shotgun, mini-gun, and a brand new type of whip melee weapon. Enhanced “Prime” versions of existing gear are also introduced in the update, including the Sicarus and Glave weapons, and the Ember Warframe.

In order to find the materials to build these new weapons and Warframes, you’ll be able to visit the Corpus Gas City, which is a brand new environment. You’ll also be fighting two new bosses, Sargas Ruk and Alad V. And when you decide to stop playing, you can use the new resource drone to search for building materials while you’re away.

There’s also a new codex system that allows you to scan enemies and the environment. Scan an enemy or boss enough times, and you can learn which rare mods have a chance of dropping from that enemy. And speaking of mods, there’s a new in-game trading system that allows players to exchange both mods and keys with each other.

Finally, the update includes loads of other changes, adjustments and fixes, including a completely reworked damage system, new sound effects, new art assets, new animations, and more.

If you haven’t tried Warframe just yet, and you’d like to get in on the fun, be sure to take a look at our beginners guide.