Warframe’s Cicero Crisis Update Brings Trophies And More To The PS4


The second major update to Warframe is now available, and quite a bit has been included.  The Cicero Crises update event tasks players with developing an anti-toxin and loading it into the Cicero Toxin injector, which the evil Grineer faction is using to poison the planet.

To research the anti-toxin, players must enter the new jungle-themed level and use their codex scanner to scan for various forms of plant life.  The catch is that some of the plants are only available in the daytime or the nighttime, and the game will switch between the two every six hours. Once the anti-toxin is ready, it must be loaded into the toxin injector and defended. Depending on how effective your anti-toxin is, more time will be required to defend the injector.

More effective anti-toxins will also lead to greater event rewards, which can include an event badge, toxic damage mods and an exclusive set of Twin Wraith Viper pistols. The event will be live until February 6th and for more details you can check out the official Warframe website.

In addition to the event, Update 11.5 includes a new Warframe, several new weapons, complete button remapping support and many more additions, adjustments and fixes. This also marks the first time Sony has allowed trophies to be added to a PlayStation 4 free-to-play title that was never sold at retail.

For the complete list of what Update 11.5 includes, visit the official forums. And if you’re new to Warframe, be sure to read our beginner’s guide.