Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Will Receive Free Co-Op DLC Update Next Month


Space marines are a manly bunch. They’re gruff, powerful and happen to never shy away from a good run-in with some ugly green Orks. That is why they’re portrayed as such badass manly men in THQ‘s upcoming title, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, which will be available starting this upcoming Tuesday in North America.

That retail disc will contain the game’s full campaign and a separate multiplayer mode, which happens to allow players to choose their character classes, while the campaign apparently does not. Though, it will not contain the previously announced co-op mode, which will not go live until “early October,” according to its publisher.

Those worrying about having to pay an additional fee for planned downloadable content releasing close to the game’s launch window, need not fret. The Exterminatus co-operative pack will be a free download for everyone. It will bring with it two unique “scenarios,” which promote teamwork amongst groups of four. They’re tasked with working together to destroy every ugly green thing in their way.

Full leaderboard support will be included, featuring dynamic challenges which will be promoted to players. “Score modifiers” will be responsible for bringing extra chaotic temptation to the violent, action-packed party.

This announcement clears up some confusion which was previously created last month, when a Gamestop advertisement listed this co-operative mode as being a chain exclusive pre-order perk. Based on the fact that THQ has stated it’ll be available for everyone, we now know that was a mistake. 

We’ll have a review of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine soon. Though, for now, please check out our detailed Hands-On Preview article.