Warp Heads To PSN And PC In Early March

I guess March really can get better. As if the release of Silent Hill: Downpour on my birthday (March 13) wasn’t enough, it looks like us PSN users will get to see Warp released on my birthday as well! The upcoming stealth action game is slated to be released on the Xbox Live House Party in February, so XBLA lovers will get to play this much anticipated release a little early.

Warp follows Zero, an alien that has been captured  by an evil villain and taken to a random research facility as most aliens are. Luckily, Zero gets the chance to make his way out using various violent abilities to solve puzzles throughout the labs. As violent as Warp looks, it’s also shaping up to be kinda cute.

Developer Trapdoor has put the PC version up for pre-order on Origin while stating it will also be available on Steam when it is released. Is anybody else excited to celebrate my birthday with me and a pile of awesome games? Leave your thoughts and anticipatory praise in the comments below!