Warp Kicks Off XBLA House Party As Today’s Release

For all us good little gamers out there, the XBLA House Party couldn’t come fast enough. Featuring four straight weeks of amazing games, what better way to start it off than with Warp, the twisted little brainchild of Trapdoor Studios. Available today for 800 Microsoft Points, it brings a unique puzzler to the service.

Gamers will be introduced to Zero, a cute little alien with a penchant for killing scientists and security guards. After being abducted and taken into an underwater facility for experiments, players are tasked with escaping using their curious warping abilities. Of course, plenty of bloodshed will follow, as carried out by the huggable Zero.

PlayStation fans need not fret, as Warp will find its way onto PSN on March 13th and will only cost ten bucks. From what I’ve played so far, Warp is one of the strangest but most addicting and unique downloadable games I’ve played in a while.

Check back soon for the full review and let us know in the comments if you’re excited for the House Party!