Warrior’s Lair Gets New Developer

Sony‘s social networking-slash-dungeon crawler, Warrior’s Lair, might have been rumored to be cancelled, but the source of the rumor says otherwise.

The cross-platform PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita role-playing game caught my fancy when it was revealed at last year’s E3. With the lack of updates from either the publisher or developer, I was starting to get a little curious, especially after the rumors surrounding Dragon’s Crown.

A supposed concept artist for Idol Minds, the development studio for Warrior’s Lair, made a post on this forum earlier this week, commenting that Warrior’s Lair would be cancelled. Shortly thereafter, the same poster came back and stated:

“Sorry guys, the post I made earlier about Warrior’s lair was based on a vague post that one of my Idol Minds friends made on facebook. I extrapolated waaaay too much based on it and now feel stupid. I honestly don’t know anything about the fate of the game.”

Shortly thereafter, Sony made an official comment with GamesIndustry, stating that the developing team at Idol Minds would no longer be working on Warrior’s Lair, but rather development would be shifted to Sony‘s in-house studio in San Diego.

Sources: PlayStation Forum and GamesIndustry

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