Watch: Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer Reveals New Legend And Release Date


The first teaser for Apex Legends Season 8 has landed and it’s promising to bring an explosive refresh for the battle royale.

Suitably named Mayhem, Respawn’s first major content update of the year for its popular multiplayer shooter is one that’s all about shaking up the meta and player expectations. Indeed, instead of introducing another new map to follow Season 7’s Olympus, the developer has opted to bring back Kings Canyon, though not as you know it. So different is the landscape in this version of the arena, in fact, that it’s being referred to as “Obliterated Kings Canyon.” Whether that’s the official name you’ll see in-game, we’re not sure, but the description is certainly apt.

Fans will have to wait for a few weeks as yet to find out just how exactly the OG map has changed, though it appears as if the carnage primed to rain down on the location has something to do with Fuse. Hailing from Salvo, the newcomer sports a thick Aussie accent and what seems to be a love of explosive ordnance. Today’s Tales from the Outlands cinematic provides some brief backstory to the character and the events that led to his being picked to participate in the Apex Games, and you can check it out above.

As far as abilities go, Fuse’s playstyle is currently being kept tightly under wraps, though judging by key art released alongside today’s reveal, we imagine his toolkit will be all about facilitating wanton destruction. Last but not least, a new weapon – the 30-30 Repeater – will make its debut alongside the aforementioned roster addition next month as the first-ever lever-action rifle to be found in loot pools.

Apex Legends Season 8 is scheduled to arrive on February 2nd for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.