Watch: Apex Legends Season 9 Leak Teases New Character And Titans

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players once again have renewed hope that a popular gameplay feature from Titanfall could find its way into the battle royale. For those not aware of the pair’s connection, both take place within the same fictional universe, with the former having borrowed liberally from its predecessor in the past.

Indeed, weapons, gadgets and even mechanics such as wall-running have been introduced ever since the title launched back in 2019, but there’s one type of frequently requested content that continues to be a no-show. We are, of course, referring to the lumbering mountains of metal that are the Titanfall series’ titular mech suits, and despite the fact that Respawn has reiterated previously that introducing them to Kings Canyon wouldn’t be feasible, it would seem the developer has had a change of heart.

In footage unearthed by prolific data miner Biast12, off-screen gameplay of Season 9 appears to show a new Legend calling in a Titan.

As seen above, the bipedal weapon of mass destruction swiftly drops from orbit and proceeds to rain hot lead on the surrounding area for several seconds before exploding. While the clip definitely isn’t official, Biast believes this was captured from an unfinished Season 9 build for internal use only and that the character being used is none other than Blisk. That name, among several others, has long been on the shortlist of unconfirmed participants in the Apex Games and considering the mercenary’s backstory, it would make perfect sense for one of his abilities to involve a remote-controlled robot.

Again, it’s worth pointing out that all of this could simply be cut content, but Respawn has been promising big things for Apex Legends in 2021 and this would fit the bill both figuratively and literally. As always, let us know what you think in the usual place below!