Watch This Apex Legends Squad Win A Match Without Using Guns


Almost ever since it hit the market, Apex Legends players have been challenging themselves to go through as much of a match as possible without using guns. It might seem odd, but with how many unique abilities and items you have at your disposal, it’s not exactly impossible to make it through a good portion of the game without firing so much as a single shot.

Winning a match without weapons, however, is much more difficult. Yet, despite all odds, it’s now been done. As you’ll see in the video below (click the title to view it on Reddit if it won’t play), a squad has managed to win not one, but as pointed out in the comments section, two games without ever picking up a gun.

Only using their fists, kicks, healing and shielding items, and throwable items like Arc Stars, the squad puts on an incredible display of teamwork as they fight their way to victory, showing how effective working together in Apex Legends can be. Don’t believe us? Just see for yourself down below and watch the impossible happen.

My friends and I decided to try win without ANY guns from apexlegends

Over on Reddit, other users have since confirmed that this squad was legit and did indeed earn a victory without using any weapons. And honestly, we have no reason not to believe them. Clearly, this group’s a talented bunch and no doubt many other squads will now be trying to do the same the next time they hop into a match.

Then again, half the fun of Apex Legends is all the awesome guns Respawn’s included in the game, so perhaps it may be best to stick to the more conventional way of earning a victory. Either way, though, it’s great to see folks continuing to come up with new and innovative strategies to help them get an edge on the competition and if nothing else, this just proves that having the best weapon doesn’t always give you the upper hand.