Watch: Chilling New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Revealed In PS5 Promo

resident evil village

It’s probably not what fans have been hoping for, following extended radio silence on developer Capcom’s end, but Sony has at least satisfied the thirst for updates on Resident Evil Village‘s progress with some new, albeit brief, gameplay. Released earlier this week as a means of showcasing the power of the PlayStation 5, tennis pro Naomi Osaka gives her first impressions of several games running on the system, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the aforementioned survival horror sequel.

Despite admitting she’s never been a big lover of horror or played a Resident Evil title (Apex Legends and Overwatch are cited as two of her preferences), the star athlete is quick to note Village‘s beauty and tense atmosphere, with several cutscenes (shown off-screen) causing her to visibly brace for inevitably scary moments. What audiences are able to see, however, are a few sequences of protagonist Ethan Winters wandering around his chilling new hometown as well as what appears to be him shoring up some makeshift defenses in a house and traversing a series of rooftops.

Interestingly, Osaka notes how these segments cause Sony’s frequently flaunted haptic feedback tech built into the PS5’s DualSense controller to kick in, mimicking the actions unfolding on-screen. Most of the remaining footage is more or less a rehash of previous trailers, though a later scene depicts Ethan hiding underneath a building’s crawlspace, only to be spotted moments later by a clearly irate (and unhealthy looking) local.

Sadly, while Ethan is seen brandishing a weapon in several instances, no combat is shown, so fans will just have to wait patiently for Capcom to share more on that front. When that’ll be is anyone’s guess, of course, but considering how heavily Sony has been promoting Resident Evil Village, we imagine it won’t be long before more details (including that all-important release date) surface. Watch this space.