Watch The ctOS Watch Aiden Pearce Steal Money In New Watch Dogs Trailer

Ubisoft’s latest Watch Dogs trailer gives us a unique take on the game as it is presented from the perspective of a Chicago ctOS (The Central Operating System) Threat Monitoring Report. Basically, we get to watch Chicago’s ctOS employees as they watch Aiden Pearce use his smartphone to hack into the network that controls the entire city.

That is an amazing amount of “watching” for one trailer, and not a single dog in sight.

At any rate, the footage used in the trailer is actually recycled from gameplay video that Ubisoft released last month during Sony’s PlayStation 4 event. While it is disappointing that we are not getting any new Watch Dogs gameplay video with today’s trailer, the ctOS perspective does provide an in-depth look at the events shown in the previous trailer.

For example, the quick cash that Aiden Pearce gets from the ATM actually belongs to Pro-Life Lobbyist and Tabacco Company Executive, Bobby Tyler. As Pearce is walking down the street he is shown hacking Bobby’s CT Bank account number, PIN, and balance information, with his smartphone. He then uses all of that information at the ATM a few feet away to lighten Mr. Tyler’s digital wallet.

The voiceover also mentions that someone else has hacked into the Chicago network, and appears to be tracking and monitoring Aiden Pearce alongside the ctOS. In the trailer the other hacker does little more than use the city’s cameras to watch Pearce, however, the ctOS states that they must “track down this individual, and determine if he, or she, is trying to stop him. Or worse, help him.”

Watch Dogs is set to release sometime later this year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (launch title), Wii U, and PC. Check out the full ctOS Threat Monitoring Report trailer embedded below, and make sure to let us know your thoughts on the upcoming digital vigilante game in the comment section.

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