Watch Dogs 2: T-Bone Bundle Begins Rolling Out For PS4, DLC Will Hit Xbox One And PC On January 24


Following a last-minute delay, PS4 players now have access to Watch Dogs 2‘s first piece of DLC, the T-Bone Content Bundle, which follows Raymond Kenney, a popular hacker from the 2014 original.

Expected to make the jump to Xbox One and PC in late January, the T-Bone Bundle can be picked up as a standalone purchase for $6.99, while those who own the sequel’s Season Pass on PS4 can expect to gain access from today, December 22. No single-player missions are included in Watch Dogs 2‘s first content pack – hence the relatively affordable price tag – instead, the bundle brings with it a new Mayhem co-op challenge, T-Bone’s modded school bus, as well as the character’s signature duds.

A lack of endgame content has been one of the few criticisms levelled against Watch Dogs 2, so the T-Bone Content Bundle will be a welcome addition to the fold. To commemorate its launch, Ubisoft is hosting a new event called the T-Bone Chaos Challenge. It’s made up of a series of timed challenges spread across the Bay area, the details of which you can find here.

Last but certainly not least, much like all of the additional content bound for Watch Dogs 2, the T-Bone DLC can be played via guest mode, allowing you and a friend to hop into the action together, even if one of you don’t own the bundle itself. Ubisoft employed a similar feature into Far Cry 4 back at launch, and even if the experience can be hampered by connectivity issues, it’s still a novel addition nonetheless.

For those on PS4, the Watch Dogs 2 T-Bone Bundle is now live from today, December 22. In accordance with Sony’s exclusivity arrangement with Ubisoft, it’ll then make its way to Xbox One and PC on January 24.