New Watch Dogs Gameplay Video Details Hacking The City

watch dogs box art slider

Ubisoft released the first installment in a new Watch Dogs gameplay series of videos today, giving fans a detailed look at different aspects of the upcoming title. The first trailer details how players will be able to take over the city of Chicago and use it as a weapon against their enemies.

Everyone in Watch Dogs is connected together digitally by Chicago’s citywide software system, the ctOS. The system — which manages things like transportation, emergency response, utilities, communication networks, and crime monitoring — provides Aiden Pearce (the game’s protagonist) with almost unlimited power, however, he won’t be able to control the entire city right off the bat.

To gain access to the inner workings of the ctOS, Aiden must first hack into the system district by district. This task is accomplished by installing a backdoor virus in each of the operating system’s territorial control centers, which then gives him to access that particular section of the ctOS.

Once you are inside the ctOS, the fun in Watch Dogs really begins. Using his smartphone, Aiden can browse through NPC’s personal data, hack security camera feeds, listen to phone calls, or steal passwords to gain access anyone’s computer and bank account.

In short, the game becomes your own personal NSA simulator!

Watch Dogs is scheduled to release on November 19th for the PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. The next-gen versions on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will arrive at an unannounced later date — which will most likely coincidence with their respective launch dates. Watch the new Hacking Is Your Weapon gameplay video embedded below, and check back with WGTC for more details about the game as we get closer to its release date.