Watch Dogs Kicks Off New PS4 Documentary “Conversations With Creators”


The first instalment in a brand new series of behind the scenes documentaries, “Conversations With Creators”, has hit the official PlayStation Blog and it’s helping shed light on the highly anticipated Watch Dogs.

The video provides a glimpse into the minds of senior producer, Dominic and the creative director, Jonathan by allowing them to elaborate on the ways in which Watch Dogs aims to create a fully connected gameplay experience. Venturing through the digital world of Chicago will allow you to hack into nearly everything. This idea of the world at your fingertips is something that the team is truly aiming to achieve, by implementing full functionality with your smart phone.

Accomplishing this bold task is being achieved with a close collaboration with the Sony PlayStation team, which is allowing the team to harness the true potential of the PlayStation 4 which will “provide more possibilities, so that we can constantly grow [this] form of entertainment.”

It will be interesting to see how Watch Dogs delivers on the hype of a highly detailed and connected game world once it finally launches. Promises of a truly high-resolution environment, advanced special effects, and a progression into a new era of gaming connectivity are enough to get anyone excited. Here’s to hoping that the team manages to provide on all of the gaming goodness they’re promising to deliver.

“If you play Watch Dogs on PS4 we want to make sure that we use all of the console’s capability…we’re going to have more details, more immersion. We are able to increase connectivity, increase the density of things,  so it’s the same game experience but basically magnified on the PS4.”

Be sure to head over to the official PlayStation Blog and check out the full documentary on Watch Dogs.