Watch Dogs And Killzone PS4 UK Bundles Confirmed


I’m pretty sure everyone loves bundles, and European PS4 owners have already been getting their hopes up for the previously revealed but not specifically detailed PS4 value-packs that will launch alongside the system come holiday. IGN has confirmed this morning that there will be a number of options regarding which games can be bundled with a PS4, and both Watch Dogs and Killzone: Shadow Fall are on the list.

The way it works is pretty simple, and similar to how current Wii U bundles essentially work. The base PS4  can be had for a cool £349 – no big deal, right? From there, there are a few different paths you can take. For £399, you can add on Watch Dogs or the Special Edition of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Not a fan of hacking? Still mad that Ubisoft won’t give you a real life hacking suit as a bonus? Watch Dogs won’t be forced on you – there’s another bundle that will net you both Killzone Spec-Ed and Evolution Studios’ Drive Club for £439. Lastly, there’s the mega Killzone bundle that was leaked previously, which includes Killzone SE once again, an extra DualShock 4, and the PS4 Camera for £449. Woah man. Woah.

As IGN also points out, the fact that one-game bundles cost an extra £50 likely insinuates that PS4 games will cost a good £55-£60 or so. We already knew they’d stick at $59.99 in the U.S., but UK gamers hoping prices would stay a bit more in line with the planned U.S. cost may end up disappointed.