Watch Dogs Has Online At Its Technological Core

There is a lot of excitement and intrigue surrounding Aiden Pearce, the trench coat clad protagonist that featured in the Watch Dogs trailer, which stole Ubisoft‘s E3 presentation.

As exciting as Pearce was, he was not alone. The glimpse of a second character alongside Pearce towards the end of the video was enough to begin the speculation of multiplayer, and during an interview with Dominic Guay (the game’s producer and controller of the mysterious second player) by VG247, more information was revealed about the game’s online component.

“Online is the DNA of Watch Dogs. It’s super important to us. Our motto is everything is connected, and connection is power, so we couldn’t announce our game and not at least tease online, but it was a tease, I’ll be honest. ” Guay revealed, indicating the teams focus on the game’s online component. “We definitely want to blend in multiplayer, online and singleplayer in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

He detailed this novel online component further by explaining what exactly it was that we saw in the video:

“So, basically, Jonathan [Watch Dog’s director] was playing Aiden Pearce at the conference, and I was playing another character who hacked into him and had his own objectives, and we crossed paths – basically two players crossing paths with their own objectives. So, hopefully that gives you an idea of where we’re going with this.”

The intriguing online component looks like it’s hacking into the same sort of innovation that the title has already displayed, and I for one can’t wait for more details to arise out of the interference.