Watch Dogs Gets A New Trailer And Ubisoft Guy References WGTC


Oh no he didn’t. In a recent post to the PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft Community Developer Nik Schmidt told readers that “we’ve got you covered” if they weren’t able to make it to Gamescom and see the new trailer Ubisoft showed for Watch Dogs. We’ve got you covered! It’s like, one word off from our name. And he didn’t even capitalize it. Sheesh.

If Nik reads this hopefully he’ll know I’m only messing around, but whether he does or not doesn’t change the fact that the new trailer looks pretty darn impressive. I’m not going to lie, I’m still not entirely sold on Watch Dogs’ story, and the token, masked “wake up sheeple!” DedSec figure shown here doesn’t necessarily do a lot to change my mind just yet. And what’s with the obvious Lisbeth Salander lookalike? That said, gameplay comes first, and what’s on display definitely looks promising, so be sure to check it out below.

The post on the PlayStation Blog goes on to discuss the various story implications of the trailer, such as main character Aiden’s current and past connection with DeadSec and whether they are currently his allies or not. The big reveal, of course, is the exclusive PS3 and PS4 content, which is going to net you about 60 additional minutes of gameplay via missions. Not only that, but there will be some fun perks on the side, such as a white DeadSec hacker suit and something called a “hacking boost perk.” I honestly thought the hacker suit was going to be a real-life item that I could wear while I play, so I’m a bit disappointed, but I guess it’s still cool. I tend to buy PS3 when I can, so I’m definitely not complaining! More good news like this and Watch Dogs may just earn my day one purchase.