Rockstar Releases The First Official Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video

grand theft auto v

As promised, Rockstar Games released the first official gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V this morning, giving fans a very in depth look at one of the best reasons to not even bother picking up a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One later this year.

This latest Grand Theft Auto V video shows off just about every aspect of the game’s huge, and beautiful, open world. Rockstar promises that players will be able to explore virtually everything they can see in this re-imagined version of Southern California — from the depths of the ocean, to the majestic moutaintops, and all the sprawling urban and rural areas in-between.

One of the more interesting aspects to Grand Theft Auto V is that the game has three protagonists that players can switch to at almost any time. While not on missions the main characters go about their daily lives and by switching between the three, players will be able to check in and see what they are up to. Jumping to a new character could result in taking part in a mundane father-son bike ride with Michael, or suddenly finding yourself in Trevor’s shoes as he attempts to outrun the cops. Judging from what we see in the trailer, this small gameplay mechanic could lead to some very fun and unexpected situations in-game.

Aside from showing off the game’s environment, character switching, and extra activities (like skydiving, golf, and tennis), the trailer also provides a bit of insight into some of the missions and the game’s online component. Even if you are not interested in the GTA franchise at the slightest, it is worth checking out the video to see all the potential that Rockstar has managed to cram into the current-gen consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to completely screw up the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by keeping players glued to their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 after the game is released on September 17th. Stick with WGTC for all the latest information on this highly anticipated title.

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