Watch: Fortnite Trailer Leak Reveals New Look At Joker And Poison Ivy Skins

Jared Leto Joker

The primary focus of Fortnite‘s current season might be on diverting the hungry gaze of Galactus, but Marvel isn’t the only comic book giant getting free publicity in Epic Games’ mega popular battle royale. While DC certainly isn’t receiving a grand tie-in narrative on the scale of Nexus War (who knows what the future will bring, mind you), it is loaning out the likeness of some particularly popular villains. Joker and Poison Ivy, two of the most fearsome members of Batman’s rogues gallery, are headed to Apollo Island later this month as part of a special physical and digital retail release.

As confirmed back in August, the so-called Last Laugh bundle contains skins for both of Gotham City’s aforementioned notorious criminals, with a third – Midas Rex – being thrown in for good measure. Why Epic has decided to cram in yet another Midas-themed cosmetic alongside what’s otherwise a strictly DC-exclusive collection makes little sense to us, but it’s good news for fans of the character nonetheless.

Whatever the case, a new trailer has leaked online ahead of release next week and you can check it out below, courtesy of FireMonkey.

Alongside the 11 various wardrobe options included in Last Laugh is 1,000 V-Bucks to be spent however you see fit, though perhaps the biggest talking point to have come out of this premature trailer release is the implication that Fortnite will soon see the return of a super powerful (and incredibly controversial) weapon. C4 was removed from the pool of available gear some time ago following player feedback, though Joker, the true anarchist that he is, can be seen lobbing the explosives around with abandon in the clip above.

This could all just be for thematic effect, of course, but we’ll find out for sure when Last Laugh goes on sale November 17th. Watch this space for more.