Watch As Kat Battles Enemies In Sony’s Gravity Rush 2 PGW Trailer


Kat is back in action in Sony’s brand new Paris Games Week trailer for Gravity Rush 2. Embedded above, it’s a visual treat that does a good job of showing newcomers exactly what the game will offer them come release time.

Gameplay focused through and through, this new look is all about action and doesn’t offer anything in the way of story content. It opens upon our heroine, as she flies through the air above the game’s city setting, before making her way to buildings and walking upon their facades. After that, things shift into high gear and lots of gravity-bending melee action begins, including some epic slams, basic enemy confrontations and an encounter with a larger, more advanced foe.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to Gravity Rush 2 — which is looking great on PlayStation 4 — as it develops further.

EDIT: Here’s a second trailer, which highlights some of Kat’s moves, as well as her ability to engage in tag team battles. Hell, there’s also footage of destructible environments.