Check Out The Launch Trailer For Gods Will Be Watching


Do you like being placed into situations where you must make challenging decisions that concern the life of your teammates and genocide? Moral grey areas where there is no clear-cut “Hero” choice, and that no matter what you do someone is getting screwed over? Because that about sums up Devolver Digital’s (Hotline Miami) latest independent venture, Gods Will Be Watching.

The game is a point and click thriller and is heavily focused on a depressing narrative filled with despair. Judging from the animation style – colorfully blocky and pixelated – you wouldn’t think it’s a game about war and genocide, but it most certainly is.

Gods Will Be Watching isn’t aiming for a gameplay involved experience of the traditional kind, but rather engaging players into moral dilemmas centered on commitment and sacrifice. Apparently, there are also quite a few puzzles to break up all of the depressing moments. Just think about it like The Walking Dead, but without zombies.

Nevertheless, to coincide with the launch of the game, Devolver Digital has released this vague and minimalistic trailer showcasing just a glimpse of the tone and themes of this intriguing little title.

Gods Will Be Watching is now available for PC. Check out the launch trailer below and let us know if you’ll be picking it up.