Watch: Marvel extends video invitation for ‘Shindig of Champions’


To celebrate the seven-year anniversary of the fighting videogame Marvel Contest of Champions, players are now being invited to a Shindig of Champions.

The superheroes ranging from a variety of different universes, and who remain “stuck in this freaky outer space thunderdome,” will “stop fighting for a change,” the video’s narrator explains, with no villains invited.

We’re then treated to a glimpse of the party with various fan favorite characters chit-chatting in a cozy-looking apartment in a disembodied building floating in a cosmic netherworld.

It’s all in the name of “just a chill night to eat, drink, dance, and build some new synergies with our fellow champions.”

Miles Morales dishes with Spider-Man on a couch about the various adventures they’ve had, Iron Man and War Monger chat in front of the DJ booth, and all the attendees bring some of their favorite foods, including Aunt May’s wheat cake.

Things soon go sideways in the clip, however, when a purple crystal is damaged by multiple Deadpool variants, unleashing the dinosaur-like villain Sauron onto the guests.

First released in 2014, Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting videogame available on the mobile platforms iOS and Android, as well as arcade machines exclusive to Dave and Buster’s restaurants.

According to the promotional clip, the players will have the chance to collect gifts and rewards in the game in honor of the anniversary.

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