Watch: First PlayStation 5 Commercial Teases Next-Gen DualSense Features

PlayStation 5

While Sony, like its main competitor, remains tight-lipped on sharing even the slightest hint of what to expect in terms of price and release date for the PlayStation 5, the company isn’t so reticent about showing off the hardware itself. Earlier today, a live-action commercial started popping up online and the Hungarian-only TV spot has subsequently been uploaded in other languages, including English.

You can check out the clip for yourself above, though truthfully, there’s nothing particularly exciting on show. As is often the case with these sorts of adverts, there’s no gameplay to speak of. Instead, audiences are treated to a few minutes of CG footage intended to promote the impressive features of DualSense.

Opposite to Microsoft, which has largely kept its gamepad design the same between Xbox One and Series X, Sony has completely reinvented the DualShock 4, having rebranded it with the aforementioned name to better reflect the new features crammed into its sleek frame. Adaptive triggers, 3D audio and the much-touted haptic feedback are the three core additions that it wants you to know about in the commercial, which, let’s say, has a wild imagination when it comes to depicting what the device can do.

Sadly, the clip doesn’t end with the confirmation of a price or firm release date, meaning gamers are still completely in the dark as to how much cash they need to put aside for the next-gen console. It’s widely believed that Sony and Microsoft are playing an extremely protracted game of chicken over the former, with both sides waiting for the other to show its hand first.

Who will crack first? Who knows, but it’ll have to happen sooner or later. There are, after all, only so many months left in 2020. Watch this space.