Watch: New Pokémon Snap Trailer Reveals Gameplay And Release Date


Chances are, an all-new (or revisited) adventure in the core RPG series is on course to arrive later this year, but here to tide you over until then is an altogether different experience.

Announced last year during a special presentation, New Pokémon Snap is a sequel to the original game released back in 1999 for Nintendo 64 and sees players once again embark on a quest to be the greatest photographer that ever was. Indeed, you won’t be required to lug around a backpack stuffed with Poké Balls for this adventure, but rather, the best camera money can buy. Fortunately, Professor Mirror has all of those expenses covered, meaning all you need to focus on is getting creative with the lens. Game Freak has introduced literally hundreds of ‘Mons to the franchise since Pokémon Snap debuted, of course, so you can expect the variety of wildlife present this time around to be markedly larger than before.

With that said, it’s unlikely that developer Bandai Namco has found time to populate the Lental region with all 893 Pokémon (yes, really), but we definitely expect an eclectic selection to be present.

pokemon snap

Today’s trailer (above) depicts the player character taking snaps of creatures from all eight current generations, and it appears, too, that a popular feature from the first game – feeding wildlife in order to prompt various hidden behaviors – will return. For folks wondering how all of this legwork will pay off, Professor Mirror will evaluate your camera reel after each trip, with scores awarded based on quality and clarity. The best samples will be used to fill out the Photodex, completion of which will likely be tied to new area unlocks.

New Pokémon Snap arrives April 30th exclusively for Nintendo Switch with pre-orders now open.