You Can Now Watch All Three Resident Evil 2 Developer Commentaries


Now that a fair amount of us have had time to sink our teeth into the Resident Evil 2 remake, odds are the veterans among the pack have been making comparisons to the 1998 original. Personally, I still prefer the PlayStation classic, though I absolutely love the recent re-imagining.

As such, I imagine longtime fans and newbies alike are eager to digest all manner of trivia, so it’s quite fortunate that Capcom has begun dropping developer commentary videos on YouTube. Basically, each feature key members of the team as they casually discuss putting the modern masterpiece together over dinner.

It could be argued that the second video is the juiciest of the bunch, as it details various concepts that didn’t make the cut. Here, you’ll learn about grotesque creatures called “the Condemned” who’d originally been intended for Sherry’s stroll through the Orphanage, see alternate attire for Mr. X, and even hear more about that oversized alligator lurking down in the sewer.

Finally, there’s a video showing when Hideki Kamiya joined the party. For those unaware, he directed 1998’s version of Resident Evil 2 before going on to create other series such as Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta. Yes, this guy does have quite the remarkable mind.

To offer somewhat of a teaser, Kamiya and the other folks on hand discuss adapting the Ivy creatures to modern consoles, the dynamic shared between Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong, and much more. Those who’ve played both editions of the game are well aware of how the Ivies probably changed the most when being updated.

Before we part ways, feel free to share some of your most memorable experiences with the Resident Evil 2 remake in the comments section below. Was it a close encounter with Mr. X? Or have you managed to unlock some powerful weapons? Let us know!