Watch: Resident Evil – Code: Veronica Fan Remake Looks Incredible

Resident Evil

While remakes are all the rage at Capcom right now, one game that continues to evade its gaze is Resident Evil – Code: Veronica. While not a numbered entry in the series, Claire Redfield’s incarceration and subsequent attempt to escape Rockfort Island is considered to be a sequel to Resident Evil 3 or, more specifically, its predecessor, as it reveals the events that befell Chris’ sister following the Raccoon City accident.

Despite featuring a story integral to the franchise’s overarching narrative, however, the developer – if rumors are to be believed – has passed on the idea of reimagining this title and gotten straight to work on RE4‘s remake instead. In light of those unfortunate circumstances, a number of fans have decided to undertake the ambitious venture of recreating Code: Veronica, and the results so far are incredible, to say the least, as you can see via the video above and screenshots below.

A brief statement on the project’s website states that every character and environment has purposefully been recreated in the same style as official releases and boasts improved cinematics, gameplay and extended scenarios. In the clip shared above, Claire is shown exploring the Ashford Palace’s main hall and several adjoining rooms, though some of these are clearly unfinished and lead nowhere. Numerous instances of frame jumps and visual glitches are also evident, but such quirks are to be expected of fan-made content.

What remains to be seen now, then, is whether Capcom will allow the development of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica‘s remake to continue or if it’ll issue a cease and desist similar to that sent to creators of an RE2 remake shortly before the studio announced an official version. Watch this space for further updates.