Watch: Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu Chases Ethan Like Mr. X And Nemesis


Capcom has continued to reveal information about Resident Evil Village today, with the emphasis this time being on showcasing several mechanics.

Up until now, fans have been led to believe that the developer has relied largely on borrowing gameplay elements from Resident Evil 4 and giving them a spit and polish for modern audiences which is definitely true, but Leon’s encounter with the Los Illuminados isn’t the only series entry from which this year’s installment draws inspiration.

Lady Dimitrescu, the blood-sucking castellan and one of many villains to star in Ethan’s upcoming nightmare, will feature prominently in the story, not only as an NPC but an enemy that the recently widowed protagonist will have to evade if he’s to survive through the night. Similar to Mr. X and Nemesis as seen in remakes of RE2 and RE3 respectively, Dimitrescu and her three daughters will hunt Ethan immediately upon his entering the castle gates and Capcom has even been kind enough to reveal exactly how that looks with some new footage that you can see over on PS Blog (though IGN has also shared some material that can be viewed above).

Judging from what we have here, it would seem Mother Miranda’s abnormally tall subordinate will function similarly to Umbrella’s aforementioned bioweapons by slowly and methodically hunting down her prey (that’s you, by the way), wherever it goes. On the occasions where that isn’t possible, her offspring will continue the chase, though given that they’re less powerful, it would appear as if the trio can be repelled with conventional weaponry. As for how Dimitrescu herself will be subdued, that’ll likely be impossible outside of a scripted boss battle, but it remains to be seen if she, too, can be delayed via certain means.

Whatever the case, players will have their work cut out for them when Resident Evil Village releases next month, May 7th, for consoles and PC.