Watch: New Star Wars: Squadrons Trailer Shows Off Single-Player

star wars squadrons

This year’s Gamescom, like many annual exhibitions, has been forced to change how it operates thanks to COVID-19. Instead of an on-location convention in Cologne, Germany, organizers have opted to reveal new information for upcoming games via a multi-day digital event hosted by Geoff Keighley. Yesterday marked the show’s opening night and Star Wars: Squadrons was just one of the many titles that viewers got a new look at.

Having previously worked on Star Wars Battlefront II in collaboration with DICE and Criterion, EA Motive has been handed the reins to the epic sci-fi franchise and tasked with delivering a fast-paced space combat title clearly intended to be evocative of LucasArts’ classic Rogue Squadron trilogy. Boasting slick visuals and a high degree of customization, Squadrons is shaping up to be the spiritual successor every fan of the former could hope for.

As for the story, Motive will understandably want to keep major plot elements under wraps until release day rolls around, though this week’s trailer (above) does provide an overview of the campaign and how aspiring pilots will progress.

As previously confirmed, players will take control of both the Rebel Alliance and Empire during Squadrons‘ single-player portions, with various characters, including Wedge Antillies and Princess Leia, making an appearance. One major component, it seems, will be the ability to converse with your fellow squadmates between missions, likely as a means of providing exposition for the ongoing conflict.

Star Wars Squadrons is out October 2nd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with pre-orders now available. See here for a summary of all the bonus content you’ll get for securing your copy early.