Watch: ‘Street Fighter 6’ announced at State of Play

The long-awaited newest entry to the Street Fighter franchise has been announced, with the sixth game unveiled at State of Play.

New characters, returning characters, and completely new features emblazoned the first look at the game.

Six years since the last Street Fighter game was released, the latest entry will combine several new elements for the franchise. Launching on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the game will feature an open-world, and a live-commentary feature during the fights. Now there can be witty one-liners and fun FIFA-style comments! Exactly what Street Fighter needs.

Pro-players record the commentary for the game, with many community favorites adding their voice to the fighting game’s cast.

The open-world element is stressed heavily in the trailer, with the game set in a futuristic definitely-not-New-York-City hubworld called Metro City. Definitely not New York City. Taking the street from “Street Fighter” much more literally, with a very Spider-Man or Yakuza style open-world front and center.

Most curiously is the very meta voice-over that tells you “this is not like a game”. Chun-Li features prominently in the trailer, with a lot of focus on the vibrant colors.

Confirmed to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and PC, there is no release window date confirmed, but instead sometime in 2023.