Quirky Puzzler Wayward Manor Gets Release Date


One of the most innovative games of 2014 may very well be Wayward Manor, which allows you to assume the role of a ghost who aims to solve the mystery of his death by scaring the living inhabitants of his former home – a stereotypically spooky Victorian house. That premise sounds great on its own, but it’s made even better by the fact that the game’s plot was written by acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman, author of the The Sandman comics and novels Stardust, American Gods and Coraline.

Wayward Manor was developed by Los Angeles-based developers The Odd Gentlemen, who recently announced plans to launch the game on July 15th via Steam for both Mac and PC. It will also be available on the Humble Store, which is an attractive option since 10% of Humble proceeds will be donated to charity.

The game was originally scheduled to be released at an earlier date, but The Odd Gentlemen delayed it several weeks to polish the experience. They wrote on their blog:

“This ultimately meant making the tough decision to delay the game. After adding more puzzles, an extra level of polish, and maybe even some paranormal surprises, we’re finally ready to announce a release date for Wayward Manor. You’ll get to scare the Budds on July 15, 2014.”

Wayward Manor promises to incorporate humor with quirky character, a colorful world and a touch of horror that’s reminiscent of Tim Burton’s colorfully creepy yet playful creations. It definitely looks to be one of the more creative games of 2014, and the finished product will likely be worth the wait.

Source: Joystiq