We Are The Dwarves Will Lift-Off In February 2016


Dwarves have been a great many things in gaming over the years, but in We Are The Dwarves they will take on roles we’ve never seen them in before. In February 2016, Whale Rock will release their brand new game that puts you in control of three adventurous Dwarven astronauts as they embark on an adventure together.

Yes, you did read that correctly; this game genuinely features Dwarven astronauts as its main characters. With Smashfist, Forcer and Shadow, you’ll have control of three heroes each with their own unique skills and abilities. Ultimately, these fall into typical RPG types like melee attacker and stealthy rogue, but Whale Rock have given them an interesting new twist and enough variety in personality to keep things fresh.

The new trailer – which you can see above – showcases the way the three characters will vary your approach to different stages of the game, and Whale Rock have set up an intriguing premise for their new title:

Imagine an inverted galaxy, a Dwarven race built off of stars and the danger of extinction as they begin to burn out. This is the setup as you embark on your journey to help 3 Dwarven astronauts find the salvation for their race. The gameplay equally matches the uniqueness of this titles plot, with real-time tactics management of your Dwarves, a host of smart alien races and environments that bend normal thought conception.

We Are The Dwarves is due for PC release in February 2016, where you can take your Dwarves to a brand new environment.