New Website Teases New Metal Gear Solid Game

If you’re a budding developer looking to jump into a new project, and you happen to be attending Game Developers Conference in March, seems like there might be no better way to make your mark than working on a little series called Metal Gear Solid.

Konami has put up a new site with the words “BIGBOSS wants YOU! THE ‘NEXT’ MGS” along the top. Below that are a number of job listings that Konami is hoping to fill during GDC, and beside that is the big of concept art you see above.

The listing mentions looking for people to develop for “high-end consoles” and PC, implying we may not see this new Metal Gear until after the PS3 and Xbox 360 era. Specifically, applicants will be working with the FOX engine that Hideo Kojima has been teasing us with.

Obviously there’s no other information to run with, but as history shows, speculation on when and where the next game will take place is a lot of fun.

The word from the internet says most fans think this may be a remake of the first Metal Gear. No, not the stealth-action game that revolutionized storytelling on the PSOne, the really old one that came out on the NES ages ago. It’s getting to the age that many gamers nowadays weren’t alive when the original game was released, and fans of the series (myself included) have been begging for a complete remake for years.

Big Boss is around the age he should be in the concept art above, which only reinforces the idea of a remake.

Even more interesting is that dog. While showing off what the FOX engine is capable of, there’s a picture floating around that also features a dog.

The jungle setting here is causing a rumor that this may be Zanzibar Land from Metal Gear 2. Further speculation goes on to say the new Metal Gear Solid game might focus on Frank Jaeger, a.k.a. Gray Fox, who was stationed at Zanzibar Land.

We can only guess at this point, but it’ll be exciting to see where this goes from here.

What say you, gamers? What are your thoughts on where the game could take place?