Next Week All Zombies Must Die!

Early next week is when All Zombies Must Die! The team at doublesix officially made the announcement today, letting us know what downloadable title to look forward to after our holiday festivities come to a close.

For those who’ve yet to hear, All Zombies Must Die! is a spiritual successor to Burn Zombie Burn! It will launch on PSN Tuesday, December 27 for $9.99. An XBLA release will follow the next day, at a price of 800 Microsoft Points.

doublesix, a leader in the development and digital distribution of games across all platforms, today announces All Zombies Must Die!, the zaniest digital zombie apocalypse experience ever unleashed upon gamers, will be available on Xbox Live Arcade® from 28th December 2011 for 800 Microsoft points, published by Square Enix Ltd.

“All Zombies Must Die! has taken twin-stick shooters to another level with persistent RPG elements, awesome new weapons and all new crazy zombies ,” said Jim Mummery, Creative Director at doublesix.

“All Zombies Must Die! adds its own unique ingredients to the genre, with weapons-based arena combat, weapons crafting, character development and a whole lot of questing, all mixed in with a huge portion of zombie action.”

In All Zombies Must Die!, up to four players can blast through the town of Deadhill together using a variety of weaponry in order to complete the games insane questlines. Doublesix has combined this quest system with character levelling and weapon crafting to create a hybrid action/role playing game play style. Survivors can combine the surrounding environment and improvised weaponry to wipe out an unrelenting army of terrifyingly funny zombies. As they progress, players will unlock new weapons, new characters and new arenas as well as the ability to customize both their characters and weapons. The graphics reflect the silly yet sinister nature of the gameplay with a bright, comic style.

Players will race through the midst of the undead hordes, unloading on them with handcrafted weaponry assembled from items found throughout the game’s levels, such as the Magma Storm Assault Rifle, Odin’s Toothpick Katana and the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun. Zombies can be shot, slashed, blasted, blown up, electrocuted, torched, irradiated and zapped in a number of horrifying and hilarious ways, causing them to drop useful items like ammo, armor and hamburgers.

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