Weekly Poll #1: The Results

So last week we launched our weekly poll with a killer question about Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Hopefully all of you saw the little box on the sidebar and added your vote to the discussion but obviously because it is new, many of you may have missed it. It’s going to be a regular feature on the site from now on, so don’t worry if you missed your chance to have a say on this week’s topic.

We asked you, our wonderful readers, to tell us whether Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 has caught your eye more. With both of these huge IPs churning out their latest iteration as the arguable titans of the military FPS genre, we wanted to know whether one of them had impressed you more from what you’ve seen so far.

EA and DICE are gunning for Activision’s and Call of Duty’s multiplayer throne, pulling out all the stops in the process  and boldly trying to outdo the current king of FPS. Battlefield 3 wowed gamers all over the world with its mind bogglingly crisp collection of early gameplay trailers long before we heard anything official about Modern Warfare 3, but has the novelty worn off now that everybody has seen that iconic and powerful ‘Call Of Dutyemblem?

Here’s what you said:

‘ With both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 on the Horizon, where will you be putting your money?’

34.38% felt that they would prefer purchasing the next game in the prestigious Call Of Duty franchise because it always delivers and does what it says on the tin.

46.88% expressed a decided favouritism towards Battlefield’s long awaited mega sequel and its sexy new Frostbite engine.

18.75% interestingly said they are totally fed up of the entire genre because of its complete lack of imagination, and may not buy either game.

Now this result is quite interesting because at first glance it seems clear that the competition is closer than it has ever been, with a near majority of gamers seriously considering slapping cash down for Battlefield 3 this year, but the sly thing about open questions like this is that for reasons of unclear and abstract pseudo-economics, it is considered the ‘artistic, intelligent, and morally correct’ thing to do to express distaste for the Call of Duty canon when asked.

It’s an amusing set up because statistically most of us will have bought a Call Of Duty game over the past two years and will likely purchase the next one despite passionately articulating a hate for everything it stands for. So I feel we may have to take a pinch of salt when considering the implication of the above percentages.

With this in mind we can suddenly see that people could vote either ‘Battlefield 3 or ‘neither’ as a defiant and united ‘not-Call of Duty’ opinion. However even with all the superficial principles discarded, MW3 has still managed to convince many gamers it will be better than whatever EA and DICE are cooking up – even though we’ve seen hardly anything from the actual game. Then again vast numbers of you will now know the details of the entire MW3 campaign already…hmm.

All things considered, the expected release for both of these mammoth games is a long way off, and any opinions people may have are subject to very dramatic changes over the next few months. One thing we can conclude from this though is that EA may be in with a shot this time around, even if it could be for the wrong reasons.

Stay tuned for next week’s poll and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts by commenting and voting on the site.