WET 2 Cancelled?

Behaviour Interactive have reportedly put an abrupt halt on development on WET 2. Information on an ex-technical artist’s LinkedIn profile seems to suggest that the crazy and clunky action game will not be getting a big sequel as some (admittedly very few) had hoped.

WET saw you play as femme fatale gunslinger Rubi Malone while you traipsed around a painfully comical criminal underworld, negotiating ambiguous job offers as a bounty hunter. For those who didn’t see it in action; combat basically consisted solely of diving and/or sliding through the air/on the ground and shooting thugs in slow motion, oh and you had a sword with about 4 moves. That’s basically it. It was initially enjoyable as a light hearted piece simple gaming but WET simply couldn’t keep the momentum up and fizzled out in a shallow and repetitive experience.

News that the sequel is being put on hold (as far as we know) isn’t going to be that much of a disappointment for most people. Then again with the average review score of 7/10 perhaps the developers were starting patching up the dodgy joints and re-building the elements that let the first game down, I guess we won’t see what they learned, for a while at least.