WGTC Radio #14 – Half-Life ‘Black Mesa’ Mod Review

It’s time for another episode of WGTC Radio, the official podcast of We Got This Covered! Remember, you can subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link!

This week, we have two main topics for your enjoyment! In the first, co-host Sean Chapman gives us an in-depth review and analysis of Black Mesa, the incredible Source mod of the original Half-Life game that remakes the first-person classic from the ground-up! It’s an awe-inspiring effort, but how does it stack up against the original? Are the many changes for the better, or do they alter the experience too much? Find out by listening to the show!

In the second segment, Sean and Jonathan relate their thoughts on the new Doctor Who episode, A Town Called Mercy (which Jonathan reviewed in text form here). Does this episode live up to the high standard set by the previous two installments? Does Doctor Who actually work in a Western setting? We talk about all this and more.

Other random topics – like Jonathan’s continued adventures in two-year-old video game Red Dead Redemption – are also covered at the episode’s beginning. Check out the time chart below to see the breakdown:

Time Chart:

0:00 – 0:20 – Introductions

0:20 – 1:07 – Black Mesa Review

1:07 – End – Doctor Who Review


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