WGTC Radio #14 – Half-Life ‘Black Mesa’ Mod Review


It’s time for another episode of WGTC Radio, the official podcast of We Got This Covered! Remember, you can subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link!

This week, we have two main topics for your enjoyment! In the first, co-host Sean Chapman gives us an in-depth review and analysis of Black Mesa, the incredible Source mod of the original Half-Life game that remakes the first-person classic from the ground-up! It’s an awe-inspiring effort, but how does it stack up against the original? Are the many changes for the better, or do they alter the experience too much? Find out by listening to the show!

In the second segment, Sean and Jonathan relate their thoughts on the new Doctor Who episode, A Town Called Mercy (which Jonathan reviewed in text form here). Does this episode live up to the high standard set by the previous two installments? Does Doctor Who actually work in a Western setting? We talk about all this and more.

Other random topics – like Jonathan’s continued adventures in two-year-old video game Red Dead Redemption – are also covered at the episode’s beginning. Check out the time chart below to see the breakdown:

Time Chart:

0:00 – 0:20 – Introductions

0:20 – 1:07 – Black Mesa Review

1:07 – End – Doctor Who Review


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  1. Nightbladesays:

    Hi guys! Thanks so much for reviewing Black Mesa today! I really enjoyed hearing someone else echoing my own gushing 😛
    I’ve been following the project from the beginning (nearly eight years) and just thought I’d update you on a few things.

    Firstly and most sadly, the Black Mesa Development Team cannot accept any donations for their work due to them not having the rights to charge for a product based on another company’s IP. The composer of the soundtrack (Joel Nielsen) can accept donations because his work can be considered standalone from an IP perspective.

    Secondly, Xen will be released (unfortunately not this year) as an update (what you could call a patch – albeit a HUGE patch) to Black Mesa. Meaning that when you jump into the portal at the Lambda Complex you will exit into Xen – making the transition as seamless as the original intended it to be.

    Lastly, I’m not sure if you knew this, but Black Mesa was the first title to be approved by Steam’s new Greenlight program, which allows users to vote on independent submissions and so decide which games come to Steam. At the time of selection Black Mesa was by far and away the highest rated game on Greenlight.
    Though it has been confirmed that Black Mesa will be coming to Steam, we do not yet know when. The benefits of this are patch support, achievement tracking… why am I telling you? *facepalm*

    Cheers again and hope you had as much fun as I did!
    Oh yeah, one more thing; BLACK MESA IS AWESOME AAAHH!!! XD

    P.S. ~ In case you doubt my fandom – a few tears actually started to fall down my face half way through Inbound. You now have my geek certificate.

  2. MatthewMelangesays:

    I hope you guys discuss the new dredd movie, and also compare it to the raid redemption which came out earlier, but dredd’s production started before the raid

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