WGTC Radio #34 – PlayStation 4 Announcement Analysis and Discussion

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Last week, Sony set the Internet ablaze by announcing the Playstation 4and in the process gave us all way more information that we could have ever anticipated. Historically, console announcements have been limited to basic specs, release windows, etc., but Sony went above and beyond, giving us a detailed look at the technical design, a complete reveal of the controller, nine different game demos and presentations, a peek at the user interface, and all sorts of discussions about their vision for the upcoming console.

That means we have a lot to talk about on this week’s podcast, as Sean Chapman and I break down every bit of Sony’s big announcement – and everything we have learned since – as well as analyzing what this news means and why we are both very excited for Sony’s next home console. As we say repeatedly in the episode, this is one of the most exciting developments in recent video game history, and we are extremely enthusiastic to talk about all the PlayStation 4 news for you here on the podcast.


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