WGTC Radio #49 – Dissecting Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal


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Since this was just a busy week for entertainment – and because there will be no podcast next week due to the Memorial Day weekend – we have done three whole podcasts this week. One on the Doctor Who finale, one on Star Trek Into Darkness, and now, one on Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One.

What? Yes, that’s what it’s called – the Xbox One, a.k.a. one of the most horrendously titled video game consoles ever. And it is not the only strange part of Microsoft’s announcement. In their press conference, the company expressed a clear desire to leave their core gaming demo behind, in favor of…live television? A lot of strange stuff happened at this conference, and it got even stranger once journalists started conducting interviews and it became apparent Microsoft had no idea how to conduct post-reveal PR. On the whole, the reveal was the opposite of the PS4’s clear, information-heavy, gaming-focused announcement – and that gives us a lot to talk about on the podcast.

There has been a lot of misinformation out there these past few days about the Xbox One, but we have done our research, and guarantee this episode is one of the best resources you will find for expert analysis and commentary of the reveal. Both of us have been loyal Xbox and Xbox 360 gamers in the past, but we call it like we see it – and right now, neither of us are very enthused about what Microsoft is selling.

As I said earlier, this will be our last podcast for a little while, as we are taking next week off for Memorial Day. Remember to follow me on Twitter (@JonathanLack) for all updates on our podcasting schedule.


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