WGTC Radio #51 – Xbox, PS4, & Lots Of E3 Insanity


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It is an absolutely insane week for video games, as the Electronic Entertainment Expo – better known as E3 – is well underway. Having already heard from Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, and Sony, there is a lot of news to cover, including pricing and release windows for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, tons of newly announced games and additional information on known quantities, and more.

We tackle all this news and more, along with our analysis of where Microsoft, Sony, and their respective next-generation consoles stand at this point in time. Not to spoil anything, but one company has its head firmly entrenched in DRM-enforced sand, while the other is wading on its intended audience hand and foot. Little wonder one has had vastly better public reception so far.

And while it is tough to know how to discuss or categorize Nintendo at this point, we also cover their Nintendo Direct press conference at the end of today’s show, which included looks at a new Mario game, another new Mario game, two versions of a game with Mario featured prominently, and fairy type Pokémon. All we really want to know is why Jigglypuff was chosen as the example of this new Pokémon type, when Clefairy has the word right in its name.

Enjoy, and come back next week for our in-depth analysis of Man of Steel!

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