WGTC Radio #53 – Dissecting Microsoft’s Xbox One 180 Announcement


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We certainly were not planning on a two-podcast week, but then again, nobody was expecting Microsoft to declare a complete 180 on nearly every previously announced internet or DRM-related policy for their upcoming next-generation console, the Xbox One. We have been hard on the Xbox One for these and many other reasons (understandably so, I should think), so does Microsoft’s surprise double-back make us more optimistic? Or does it merely make us more cynical about this entire sordid affair? After declaring our intentions to purchase a PlayStation 4, does the Xbox One look any more attractive now? We go into full detail and analysis of every part of the announcement to answer these questions and more.

Since this week wound up meriting two complete podcasts, next week’s episode will probably be delayed by a few days – expect to hear it on Thursday evening, June 27th. In it, we plan to discuss the new videogame sensation, The Last Of Us.


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