WGTC Radio #62 – Red vs Blue, Gaming News Galore And Hotline Miami Discussion


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After a week off for labor day, we are back (on a regular, weekly schedule this time – we promise!) with a very busy episode, in which we recap the big gaming news of the past two weeks – including major announcements from Nintendo (the 2DS), Microsoft (Xbox One release date), and Sony (PS Vita TV!) – before jumping in to several critical discussions. First up is Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue, a long-running internet classic we always like to check in on around the halfway point of the season, and second is Rooster Teeth’s other big animated series, RWBY. And after discussing both of those internet series, we talk a little bit about one of our favorite Indie games of the past few years, Hotline Miami.

Enjoy the show! 


Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:03:40

Random Video Game Tangents (Rocksmith and Final Fantasy IV): 0:03:40 – 0:30:20

Nintendo/2DS/Wii U News: 0:30:20 – 0:47:20

Microsoft/Xbox News: 0:47:20 – 0:55:32

Sony/PS4/Vita News: 0:55:32 – 1:23:51

Red Vs Blue Season 11 Review (So Far): 1:23:51 – 1:39:40

Thoughts on RWBY: 1:39:40 – 2:04:00

Hotline Miami Discussion: 2:04:00 – 2:27:24

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