WGTC Radio #68 – Batman: Arkham Origins Thoughts & More


It’s time for another episode of WGTC Radio, the official podcast of We Got This Covered! Remember to subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link!

We are getting back into a more regular schedule this week, with some news – including updates on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and some odd internet rumors about next-gen video game consoles – and some discussion of recent movies (Gravity) and video games (Pokemon X and Y) we’ve been enjoying.

And once we get through all that, it’s time to give our thoughts on Batman: Arkham Origins, the new entry in one of our very favorite video game series of all time. Development has switched from Rocksteady to WB Montreal, but does that really affect the quality? What do we think of the gameplay? The graphics? The music? The story? The vocal performances? All of that and more is covered in our (mostly spoiler-free) discussion of this pleasantly surprising game. And if you want another opinion on it, be sure to check out our written review as well.

Enjoy, and come back next week as we kick off the incredibly busy month of November!


Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:02:00

Sean’s Video Game Chat (Splinter Cell and The Stanley Parable): 0:02:00 – 0:06:06

Jonathan talks Pokemon X and Y: 0:06:06 – 0:21:48

Gravity Discussion: 0:21:48 – 0:36:43

Doctor Who News: 0:36:43 – 0:42:32

Random Stuff (Internet Gaming Rumors and More): 0:42:32 – 0:59:40

Batman: Arkham Origins Thoughts: 0:59:40 – 1:52:42

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