WGTC Radio #71 – PlayStation 4 First Impressions & Thor: The Dark World Discussion


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The PlayStation 4 has officially launched – read my full, in-depth written review of the console here – and after a few days with the system, we have a lot of thoughts to share. On this episode, we give all our initial impressions, including thoughts on the hardware, the controller, the user interface, the games, and the graphics. It’s a lot to cover, but this is only the beginning, as the system is sure to grow and evolve from here.

And after talking about the PlayStation 4, we deliver our promised, spoiler-filled discussion of Thor: The Dark World. We try to make time to talk about each new Marvel movie, and we really wanted to do so for this one, because the latest Thor was a real treat, and one of our favorite films the studio has created so far.

Enjoy, and come back this Saturday for a special bonus episode of WGTC Radio, in which we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of one of our all-time favorite TV shows, Doctor Who!


 PlayStation 4 Impressions: 0:00:00 – 2:14:00

Thor: The Dark World Discussion: 2:14:00 – 3:05:36

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